About Me

My story involves a few twists and turns.

I was raised in and around Philadelphia by my mother and five of her siblings.

I studied computer science but had been an active musician since elementary school. Shortly after graduating from college and landing my first job in technology, I was presented with the opportunity to join a band with an intensive touring schedule. I spent the next few years on the road, traveling to over 20 countries with multiple bands.

I filled the time between tours with freelance programming work and eventually developed a regular client base that I continued to work with when I eventually burned out on life on the road. I worked as a software engineer for years at a series of companies before branching into management roles.

In retrospect, I attribute a lot of my ambition and do-it-yourself spirit to my early experiences in bands; at 17—while most kids were playing video games—I was dealing with merchandise inventory, van insurance, mapping tour routes, and attaining international work permits (all before the Internet).

I thrived in management; not because I enjoyed corporate life, but rather because I found myself falling naturally into mentorship roles and loved helping new leaders navigate career challenges. I loved learning about what motivated each individual I worked with. It was in these years that I discovered the passion that would ultimately result in my study of leadership, productivity, human behavior, and execution. Today, I exercise this passion by mentoring engaged, driven individuals across the globe through books, talks, workshops, and online programs.

I’m still an active technologist, and since 2009 have served in key technology leadership roles for Comcast. I own/have owned a series of businesses across multiple industries ranging from financial tech to real estate development; in addition, I’m a frequent media contributor and startup advisor with a focus on the Philadelphia area.

On the personal side: I live on a 3-acre apple orchard just outside Philadelphia with my wife and two kids. I’m still an active musician and a longtime student of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.