Execution Strategy

“Execution” is the act of performing the tasks required to accomplish a goal.

The concept itself is simple; however, as our lives and goals become increasingly complex, execution becomes increasingly difficult, and the same simple approaches that work for simple goals and undertakings begin to break down.

Execution Strategy is the science of approaching execution behaviors and practices with intentionality and rigor — as a collection of extensible, interwoven disciplines worthy of attention and structure. It’s the act of building shared language to facilitate dialogue about execution. It’s the assessment of commonly accepted execution behaviors and honest conversation about their value (or lack of value). It’s building and facilitating the evolution of execution frameworks that can  accommodate diverse individual and organizational needs.

Execution Strategy is also an exploration of the foundational challenges that underly all goals, how our actions and intentions are affected by the realities of human nature, and how execution tactics will need to change in an evolving technological and cultural landscape.

    Why Does “Execution Strategy” Matter?

    The saddest thing I see on a regular basis — to paraphrase an old adage — is people “going to their graves with their songs still inside them.”

    Throughout my life and career, I’ve consistently met individuals with brilliant ideas, ambitions, and dreams that could bring immense fulfillment to their lives or the lives of others, but who have no idea how to execute. I’ve consistently met individuals who have immense creative potential but relive cycles of mediocrity. I’ve consistently met individuals who have ideas that could change the world but who claim they’ll get around to it when the time is right.

    Looking back, these individuals will think they failed due to weakness, bad luck, or failure of character; but the fact is execution is a skill, and until this skill is learned and mastered, our nature and the complexity we face in pursuing projects and goals will often overtake us. This is especially true for long-term or ambitious projects and goals. 

    Throughout my career, I’ve focused on execution strategy because — despite its value — it’s been historically under-addressed and overlooked. I’ve made it my mission to provide the resources and insights people need to execute. If I can do so for even a few people, I sincerely believe I’ll have left the world a better place than I found it.

    To execute consistently — across diverse personal, professional, entrepreneurial, and creative goals — you need to be able to creatively implement broad, tangible, repeatable behaviors that move you measurably closer to well-stated intentions.
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    About the Book

    You’re ambitious. You’re driven. You’re creative, believe in your vision, and know what you’re capable of. But like most, you often find it difficult to make progress toward the things you value.

    When it comes to accomplishing personal, professional, entrepreneurial, and creative goals, the world is bombarding you with bullshit guidance—coddling mantras of positivity, and motivation devoid of practical action. Bullshit sounds good. Bullshit feels good. But bullshit will fail you in the long run nearly 100% of the time.

    No more bullshit.

    Let’s change tactics. Foundations of Execution won’t motivate you; it will give you the tools you need to execute despite the lack of motivation that will inevitably befall you. It won’t train you to abstain from excuses; it will give you the tools to strip all power from the excuses that will inevitably bubble to the forefront of your consciousness. It won’t argue the same tired case for self-discipline and convince you to work against your nature; it will show you how to circumvent your nature when it undermines your interests.

    As shockingly simple as it may seem, three behaviors tend to separate those who struggle from those who consistently execute on their goals; and by the time you’ve finished reading this book, you’ll have mastered all three. You’ll come away with repeatable habits that address not just how you tackle complex undertakings, but also how you think, behave, and approach problems in all aspects of your life. It’s an irreverent, philosophy-first, whole-self approach to execution that will change you forever.

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    “It’s like P90X for developing focus and good habits”Phil B.

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