Some of My Favorite Days

Some of my favorite days are those surreal, twenty-two-plus-waking-hour anomalies that occur when you’ve traveled by air and arrive at your destination in the early morning (destination time).

For example, imagine that you wake at 7AM, go through a normal day, fly out at 7PM (heading west), and arrive at your destination at 7AM. There you meet with friends, family, professional contacts or the like, and continue on without sleeping. You find a second wind. A third. A fourth.

I recently experienced such a day, and was reminded of just how much I cherish them. I find myself alone in this, as most people I know tend to hate them.

A friend recently asked me why I like these freakish mega-days.

I love the surreal sensory clarity that ensues; I love the sharpness of sunlight and depth of darkness. I love simultaneously experiencing exhaustion and jittery enthusiasm.

I love the otherworldly silence of my long-awaited hotel room and the dreamless, death-like sleep that claims me when I finally turn in.

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  1. I recently had a day like that flying from the States to England and know exactly what you mean. It feels a little like belonging to an elite club when only you among the crowd of people you’re in has seen a full 24-36 hours of constant awareness. It’s almost like being in on an amazing secret.

    1. An excellent way to put it. I have often found my delirious mind thinking “ohhh, look who decided to show up…the weaklings that can’t take a red-eye flights!”

      Only to be shattered by the realization that I do it because I’m broke…and they avoid them because they’re not.

  2. Agreed, I just experienced a day like this a few weeks ago. Awoke at 9am for a normal work day…left for Philly a 4h drive to Philly at 10pm…flew to San Diego just after 4am. Then enjoyed quite a full day with old friends and my significant other.

    I enjoy days like these because it’s a rare opportunity to push myself against physical barriers (being an academic, most are willpower or intellect related).

    They serve as excellent reminders of my own physical capabilities when I start to get distracted and lazy in the afternoon and evenings.

  3. I reckon they days like those leave one with a feeling of achieving so much.

    Another surreal feeling must be flying across the date line (e.g. Australia to Hawai’i), when you get to a place at a time that has already occurred… I’m working on making it happen for me…

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