Creative Leadership

Creative Leadership Advocacy

“Matt inspired our team with his expertise and practical approach to self-management. The next day, we were already implementing his recommendations and are excited to see the effects on our company culture.”

Kristen Tideman, Community Manager at Eastern Standard

As a Fortune 50 executive and lifelong technologist, I’ve spent my career building best-in-class teams, products, and processes, advising startups, consulting on academic curriculums, and sharing my experience via media outlets.

In addition, I work on a limited basis with both emerging and mature leadership teams.

Beyond facilitating the implementation of tested processes and practices, I believe in a creativity-first approach to leadership; By embracing creativity, teams are empowered to identify, articulate, and eliminate underlying causes of dysfunction, manage complexity on the individual level, and lead in ways that capitalize upon motivations and strengths.

I take immense pride in doing the work required to understand the needs and expertise of the individuals with whom I work, and craft a customized game-plan for success (as defined collaboratively). My goal in 100% of my engagements is overdelivery — to blow away expectations and provide unparalleled value.

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“I haven’t seen a simpler and clearer explanation anywhere else.”Nick Gluzdov, CEO at Speed & Function