• “Matthew’s ability to connect with a room full of diverse people speaks directly to the focus of much of his work: the audience themselves. And it’s that focus on the audience that allows for Matthew’s message to resonate with individuals from corporate and creative settings, from boardrooms to classrooms, for one simple reason–his is a message of self-focus and self-empowerment and all about becoming a better version of yourself, whoever you are.”

    —Patrick Wallace, Assoc. Director, Campus Center at Rutgers University Camden

  • “I walked away from the session feeling reinvigorated about my career and aspirations and more in control over my destiny. Weird timing, but I’d actually unpacked a bike the day before the talk and I’ve rode it to/from work every day since…and that’s just the effect it’s had on my commute.”

    —Lauren Lewis, Professional Development Strategist at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology

I love talks that stick for a lifetime. Talks that change me on a fundamental level. Irreverent, honest talks that address the true meanings behind our actions and the real ways to accomplish the things we want to accomplish. Talks that help me question and refine my values in ways I hadn’t considered. Talks that make me laugh.

This is exactly what I strive to create.

From students to seasoned professionals—from creatives to business leaders to individuals searching for their own voice—I find immense satisfaction in the challenge of crafting the perfect talk for the specific group or audience with whom I’m engaging and feeling the room burst with contagious enthusiasm.

With a focus on creativity, goal execution, and leadership—and drawing from a diverse array of experiences across a range of industries—I’ve addressed audiences as large as 30,000+ at conferences, universities, TEDx events, and major companies across the world.

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