It’s time for something different. You know it.

“This is the first day of the rest of your lives.”

“The industry is changing.”


We’ve heard it before. From graduation commencements to industry conferences, the world is awash with professional speakers regurgitating the same trite content.

Do you know what would be refreshing? Talks that stick for a lifetime. Talks that change people on a fundamental level. Irreverent, honest talks that address the true meanings behind our actions and the real ways to accomplish the things you want to accomplish in life (as opposed to coddling mantras of positivity).

You found something different.

“Matthew’s ability to connect with a room full of diverse people speaks directly to the focus of much of his work: the audience themselves. And it’s that focus on the audience that allows for Matthew’s message to resonate with individuals from corporate and creative settings, from boardrooms to classrooms, for one simple reason–his is a message of self-focus and self-empowerment and all about becoming a better version of yourself, whoever you are.”

—Patrick Wallace, Assoc. Director, Campus Center at Rutgers University Camden

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