I’m the author of several books on leadership and productivity, served as editor and reviewer for technical works and textbooks, and contributed content to major media outlets such as Fast Company and Wired.


Never Forget Again: Develop a Legendary Memory (2013)

Never Forget Again teaches you to take control of your memory and improve the way you think on a fundamental level. Effortlessly remember lengthy numbers, lists, faces, words, phrases, dates, appointments, names, and anything else worth recalling. Learn new approaches to tested memory development methods and benefit from countless new, unique strategies. Develop an entirely new way to remember that will leverage your most intimate and natural faculty: your imagination.

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Master the Language of the Universe: Fear Math No Longer (2014)

You’re an adult, and you want to become better at math. Not square roots or differential equations, but rather the type of math you use every day. Master the Language of the Universe eliminates the fear that surrounds mathematics. Whether calculating sales tax, splitting a dinner check, or discussing sports statistics around the water cooler, we anxiously bumble and guess our way through calculations. In this book, you’ll learn how to handle practical mathematics with speed, grace, and precision, and will be given the tools necessary to solve even complex math problems using only your mind. You’ll develop an entirely new way to look at numbers and change the way you think on a fundamental level.

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Get It Together! Five Simple Strategies for Becoming Reliable, Saving Time, and Making Fewer Mistakes (A Mini-Book) (2015)

We all know someone who constantly misses appointments, forgets things, shows up late, and produces sub-par work. Despite intelligence and good intentions, his life is a constant struggle. Imagine this individual. How do you feel about him?

We all know someone else who is always on time, overly prepared, and calm. Everything she produces is well-thought-out and polished. Despite a busy life and demanding responsibilities, her life seems easy. Imagine this person too. How does she do it?

Where do you fall?

Most of us are somewhere in between. Though the person who “has it together” may be naturally organized, you too can learn strategies that level the playing field. Just five small adjustments (and a little practice) can make you more focused, punctual, and responsible, setting you dramatically apart from the bumbling, terminally distracted masses.

In this short, simple mini-book, you will learn new and innovative ways to reduce risk and oversight. You will learn how to improve the quality of everything you do. You will eliminate the most common problems that affect the events and actions that collectively make up the narrative of your life. In the process, you will eliminate a good deal of stress and negativity.

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Editor/Technical Reviewer

Beginning JavaScript Charts With jqPlot, d3, and Highcharts (APress | 2013)

Editor | Author: Fabio Nelli | Purchase

Machine Learning for Hackers (O’Reilly | 2012)

Early-Stage Technical Reviewer | Authors: John Myles White and Drew Conway | Purchase

Pro Data Visualization using R and JavaScript (APress | 2013)

Editor | Author: Tom Barker | Purchase