Foundations of Execution

Your Bullshit-Free Guide to Accomplishing Absolutely Anything (2019)

You’re ambitious. You’re driven. You’re creative, believe in your vision, and know what you’re capable of. But like most, you often find it difficult to make progress toward the things you value.

When it comes to accomplishing personal, professional, entrepreneurial, and creative goals, the world is bombarding you with bullshit guidance—coddling mantras of positivity, and motivation devoid of practical action. Bullshit sounds good. Bullshit feels good. But bullshit will fail you in the long run nearly 100% of the time.

No more bullshit.

Let’s change tactics. Foundations of Execution won’t motivate you; it will give you the tools you need to execute despite the lack of motivation that will inevitably befall you. It won’t train you to abstain from excuses; it will give you the tools to strip all power from the excuses that will inevitably bubble to the forefront of your consciousness. It won’t argue the same tired case for self-discipline and convince you to work against your nature; it will show you how to circumvent your nature when it undermines your interests.

As shockingly simple as it may seem, three behaviors tend to separate those who struggle from those who consistently execute on their goals; and by the time you’ve finished reading this book, you’ll have mastered all three. You’ll come away with repeatable habits that address not just how you tackle complex undertakings, but also how you think, behave, and approach problems in all aspects of your life. It’s an irreverent, philosophy-first, whole-self approach to execution that will change you forever.

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Never Forget Again

Master Your Imagination and Develop a Legendary Memory (2013)

It’s natural to struggle with memorizing facts and figures. It’s natural to rely on digital tools for reminders, appointments, and notes. It’s natural to accept the boundaries of your memory.

Just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it’s necessary. An incredible memory lies dormant within you; you’ve just been engaging it incorrectly your whole life.

Never Forget Again teaches you an entirely new way to learn and remember that will leverage your most intimate and natural faculty: your imagination.

You’ll learn to shed your reliance on digital assistance and effortlessly remember practical information like numbers, lists, faces, presentations, quotes, anniversaries, appointments, challenging names, and much more. More importantly, you’ll change the way you think on a fundamental level.

Your memory lies at the core of everything you do; developing it will impact your life unlike any other skill.

346 pages | Purchase

Master the Language of the Universe

Practical Math. Made Simple. For Adults. (2014)

Master the Language of the Universe eliminates the fear that surrounds mathematics. Whether calculating sales tax, splitting a dinner check, or discussing sports statistics around the water cooler, we anxiously bumble and guess our way through calculations.

In this book, you’ll learn how to handle practical mathematics with speed, grace, and precision, and will be given the tools necessary to solve even complex math problems using only your mind.

You’ll develop an entirely new way to look at numbers and change the way you think on a fundamental level.

416 pages | Purchase

Get It Together

Five Simple Strategies for Becoming Reliable, Saving Time, and Making Fewer Mistakes (A Mini-Book) (2014)

We all know someone who constantly misses appointments, forgets things, shows up late, and produces sub-par work. Despite intelligence and good intentions, his life is a constant struggle. Imagine this individual. How do you feel about him?

We also know someone else who’s always on time, overly prepared, and calm. Everything she produces is well thought-out and polished. Despite a busy life and demanding responsibilities, her life seems easy. Imagine this person too. How does she do it?

Where do you fall?

Most of us are somewhere in between, but you can learn simple strategies that make a huge difference. Just five small adjustments (and a little practice) can make you more focused, punctual, and responsible, setting you dramatically apart from the bumbling, chronically-distracted masses.

Get It Together takes a systems engineering approach to reducing risk and oversight, presented in practical ways you can easily integrate into your daily life. You’ll learn how to improve the quality of everything you do. You’ll eliminate the most common problems that affect the events and actions that collectively make up the narrative of your life.

Most importantly, you’ll eliminate a good deal of stress and negativity.

43 pages | Purchase

Editing / Technical Review

Beginning JavaScript Charts With jqPlot, d3, and Highcharts (Apress | 2014)

Author: Fabio Nelli | Purchase

Machine Learning for Hackers (O’Reilly | 2012)

Early-Stage Technical Reviewer
Authors: John Myles White and Drew Conway | Purchase

Pro Data Visualization using R and JavaScript (Apress | 2013)

Author: Tom Barker | Purchase