Hi. I’m Matthew Canning.

I'm passionate about helping people achieve feats of



    I’ve dedicated my life to identifying and sharing the differences between those who thrive and those who struggle, and have authored several books on productivity and personal development, including Master the Language of the Universe, Never Forget Again, and Get it Together. I’ve served as editor and reviewer for technical works and textbooks and contributed content to media outlets such as Fast Company and Wired.

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    Programs and Courses

    Through my family of online and in-person programs, I’ve distilled years of learnings and experience into shareable and repeatable processes. Through these resources, I serve as an execution guide, helping both individuals and leaders develop the tools and skills necessary to achieve feats of personal, professional, and creative greatness.

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    Drawing from a diverse array of life experiences across a range of industries, I’ve spoken at conferences, universities, TEDx events, and major companies across the globe.

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    Technology Leadership

    I’m a lifelong technologist and Fortune 50 executive with a track record of building first-in-class, highly-scalable teams and processes. I’m also an active Philadelphia-focused startup advisor and regularly work with established leadership teams to help bring about positive operational and cultural change.