Hi. I’m Matthew Canning.

Two core beliefs lie at the foundation
of my

      I believe that creativity is the fundamental component of nearly all progress and success, regardless of domain.

        When it comes to pursuing personal, creative, and professional goals, I believe that the differences between those who thrive and those who struggle are widely misunderstood.



        The latter of the above beliefs has given life to several niche books on productivity and practical, tactical personal development, including Master the Language of the Universe, Never Forget Again, and Get it Together. I’ve served as editor and reviewer for technical works and textbooks and contributed content to media outlets such as Fast Company, Foundr, and Wired.

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        Drawing from a diverse array of experiences across a range of industries, I’ve addressed audiences as large as 30,000+ at conferences, universities, TEDx events, and major companies across the world.

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        Leadership Strategy

        As a Fortune 50 executive and lifelong technologist, I’ve spent my career building first-in-class, highly-scalable teams and processes. I’m also an active Philadelphia-focused startup advisor and regularly work with established leadership teams to help bring about positive operational and cultural change.

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